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Recycled Fischer Turntable Clock

Here is another retro gadget from Etsy in the form of the Recycled Fischer Turntable Clock. Measuring 17-inch x 14-inch, the clock features a Quartz clock movement and can be hung at the wall with 2 wall hangers on the back. If you are interested, you can purchase this old-fashioned clock for $89 each.


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Self-Sufficent Floating House

formodesign, house on the water, floating house, floating architecture, self sufficient, desalination, solar energy, tidal energy, solar panels, water recycling

House on the Water by Poland-based Formodesign is a stunning floating home that relies on the surrounding sea and radiating sun to keep it self-sufficient in terms of energy and h2o. Accessible only by boat, the cantilevered home rests offshore from a beautiful beach and is intended to be used as a rental home for those seeking a life offshore.

Designed for the Mediterranean off the NW coast of the Greek Zante Island, this eco-friendly and self-sufficient home maximizes the use of solar energy through orientation of the structure as well as solar panels on top. Other eco features include water desalination, natural ventilation, tidal energy systems, and water recycling, all with the express purpose of reducing energy and water consumption. The floating home also has a high-tech shading system that is computer driven and runs on rails which are the the vertical lines on the facade.

Inspired by luxury yachts, the project’s architecture is white and pristine, and looks as though it would need a deck hand available at all times to keep it scrubbed down. Made from concrete and steel, the structure cantilevers from a central core, which is a concrete counterweight foot stabilizer with the sea bed pile system. The dock underneath floats with the help of rails installed in the core structure and can rise and fall with the tides. From the deck a stairway leads up to the main floor of the house, which has a cool and contemporary feel. Seems like all the benefits of yacht living without the constant rocking.

Via ArchDaily

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The Prince of Mars

Le Petit Prince by Martin Miklica

Little Prince machines are programmed to act with full life! They are made for Mars, each one holding a plant, caring for it as it finds a place more hospitable than itself. Each on these little pods is also capable of speaking with the others, learning as one unit, creating a huge collective consciousness of Prince knowledge!




This design is one of the finalists in the 2009 Electrolux Design Lab.

Designer: Martin Miklica

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Pioneer Hi-def Camcorder

Pioneer Hi-def Camcorder by Dan Harden, Sam Benavidez & Hiro Teranishi for Whipsaw Inc.

Yes, the form of the camcorders has certainly toned down, but the Pioneer Hi-def seen here takes the cake. It’s palm-sized, high-def, has a lens that pivots up and down with a display that is fixed at an ideal angle. What’s nice is that the form is symmetrical, so that both lefties and right-handers can use it conveniently. And since most of the controls are accessed via the touchscreen, they come alive only when required.




Designers: Dan Harden, Sam Benavidez & Hiro Teranishi for Whipsaw Inc.

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Conceptual Watch by Max Germano

Art Center College of Design

Concept watch by Max Germano makes perfect sense. It fits across the back-of-the-palm and its selling points are easy access to the dial, and a clear view to the heart-rate, stats etc. The flip-side is that it could compromise the grip of the racket or whatever it is that you are holding as the straps may interfere. However, since the watchband is made from super-soft elastomer, it just may-be comfy.



Designer: Max Germano

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