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PS3 Slim Dropping First Week of September

ps3-slim-    1

Sony will be offering a 250GB model in their new Slim lineup. They snuck it through the FCC under the name “Computer Entertainment System” manfactured by “Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc.” However, it just so happens Sand Dollar’s address happens to be Sony’s as well! Very Sneaky! No word on price yet. Sony recently announced at Gamescom in Cologne some big news. Well some “slim” news to be precise. An all new PS3 Slim will be hitting retailers in the first week of September for a price of $299. The Slim is 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter and uses 34 percent less power than its bigger, fatter wasteful older brother. For $299 you’re given a 120GB hard drive and all the goodies bundled with the current PS3 in a tight form factor. Sorry PS2 fans, the Slim, like the current PS3, still lacks backwards compatibility. I will miss the heft and finish of the current PS3, it just looks like a real multimedia device, but hopefully this will boost Sony’s lackluster sales in the gaming department. Source

ps3-slim   6
ps3-slim   2
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August 21, 2009 - Posted by | Products

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